Best Criminal Lawyers Chandigarh

Best Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh

“Team approach” counts as more than just a mantra for our firm. It has been the very framework of our success in all these years. Our Chandigarh criminal defence lawyers are the best in the city as they are former prosecutors and attorneys who have received their law degrees from some of the most renowned law colleges in the country. Our firm gathers together knowledge, as well as experience of the highest degree ad brings this to our clients’ defense. We believe that having a diverse team provides our clients the best criminal defense there could possibly be in Chandigarh.

Every member on our team hails from a different area of the legal system and this makes the collaborative approach that we have the essential backbone of our success, but above everything else, we are criminal defense lawyers first. The specific charges levied by the government against our clients are not what guide our strategy. We do not believe in reactionary defense. Instead, we try to carefully craft an unwavering defense that will not let our clients down. A case is ultimately about evidence and not allegations. Our criminal lawyers in Chandigarh deal with a lot of corporate and high-profile clients but we treat each one of our client like they are high-profile. It is our philosophy that each and every case deserves the best. Accordingly, we give high-profile treatment to all our clients and do not shirk from playing the high-stakes to win our clients’ cases.

To give our utmost to our clients, our firm comprises of three divisions that help in guiding our strategy when we identify issues and formulate a criminal defense plan that is customized for each and every case. The three divisions are (i) White Collar Crime, (ii) Professionals & High Profile Individuals, and (iii) Blue & Grey Collar Division which pertains to non-financial crimes like violence, major felonies and drug-related charges. The mission of our criminal lawyers in Chandigarh is to offer the best-crafted defense to all of our clients. As a team, we offer something that many firms don’t, the benefits of big-firm representation with the time and attention that a small-firm atmosphere can provide. We, needless to say, take pride in our team and the respect and reputation we have built over the years. Don’t just take our word for it. Our case results, press recognition and awards all amply speak for themselves.


Our Chandigarh criminal lawyers focus on criminal investigations as well as cases from in and around Chandigarh. This particular division of our firm focuses solely on representing those who have been accused of major felonies that have a financial element attached to the crime charges. We have ample experience in dealing with defending cases of industry clients, high-profile people as well professionals from criminal charges and government-related investigations. Our Industry Clients consist of corporate entities. Ever since the inception of our firm, we have effectively represented individual and corporate clients who face UT Chandigarh and state criminal charges that range from tax evasion, money laundering, securities crimes to grand larceny, wire fraud and insurance fraud.


Our corporate clients include companies that span across innumerable industries like telecom, software development, medical and pharmaceutical, marketing and entertainment. The government often charges corporate giants with allegations like market manipulation, trafficking in counterfeit goods, fraudulent investments, chit fund schemes etc. A host of other concerns can be raised by defending companies and this requires a criminal law firm that is well-versed in both corporate compliance and due diligence matters. In certain cases, UT Chandigarh prosecutors seek to accredit the entity with the collective knowledge they have of its key individuals even where no single individual has the required criminal intent. Compliance programs that were created by our clients to avert cases of accidental wrong-doing are many a time used by prosecutors as evidence against corporate defendants later on. Cases that are against corporations mostly have a particular element of concern that is best left to be handled by corporate crime counsel like our Chandigarh criminal lawyers who are adept in this area.


We handle both white collar and non white collar criminal divisions when it comes to our defense of professionals and high-profile individuals in criminal cases. Regardless of our client being a celebrity who is accused of homicide or an options trader who is accused as the mastermind of a pay-to-play scheme, our Chandigarh criminal lawyers work with dedication and determination to protect our clients from criminal conviction and more. Our utmost concern is to keep the investigation away from the media or the employer’s range of understanding. Our criminal lawyers based in Chandigarh have represented bankers, lawyers, doctors etc. in matters ranging from assault to drug-related offenses. Our media-mitigation tactics has been successful in keeping media coverage away and hence minimizing the possibility of negative impact for clients.


Our Chandigarh Criminal lawyers also have plenty of experience in defending clients involved in large felony cases in UT Chandigarh and Punjab & Haryana Courts. We have represented clients in a wide array of cases like drug trafficking, attempted murder charges, homicide, robbery charges, among other things. Some of our clients have also been the people facing both Punjab & Haryana and UT Chandigarh criminal drug charges (narcotics, cocaine, heroin, marijuana) that range from distribution & manufacturing to possession, trafficking and drug sales. When you hire our lawyers, you do not need to be a celebrity in order to have the utmost attention for your case. Our reputation and recognition has been built mostly due to the fact that our criminal lawyers represent common people who are facing uncommon and difficult circumstances. Our top-rated Chandigarh criminal lawyers also handle various other criminal defense matters such as immigration crimes, government investigations, criminal appeals and drug trafficking crimes.

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