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Chandigarh Family and Criminal Lawyers – Interpretation of latest SC judgment on section 498A

The Supreme Court’s guidelines in Rajesh Sharma and others vs. State of Uttar Pradesh as well as another in cases relating to complaints U/S 498A of the Code of Criminal Procedure has left the entire nation in immense confusion. Ours is a country in which the rights of women are hoped to be protected by […]

Opinion of Chandigarh Family lawyers on Order for Maintenance of Wives and Children (Section 125 of CrPC)

Legal provisions pertaining to order for maintenance of wives and children, under section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. Maintenance proceedings are not something directed at punishing people for their behavior or neglect in the past. Maintenance is ordered to cap a state of vagrancy that may make people resort to crime when […]

How Punjab and Haryana exercises its inherent powers under section 482 of CrPC

Exercise of inherent powers for quashing the proceedings at initial stage is permitted only where the allegations made in complaint or FIR even if taken at their face value or accepted in their entirety, do not prima facie point to any offence being committed or where uncontroverted allegations made in FIR or complaint and evidence […]

Quashing of FIR

Section 482 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 provides for the inherent powers of the High Court under which to prevent the above of process of court or to meet the end of justice, High Court can Quash a FIR. A FIR is filed by the aggrieved party against the wrong does but sometimes this end […]